11:30am-noon (US Central): Q&A with Catherine Yan (Texas A&M University)

Moderator: Alexander Burstein

(This is 9:30am US Pacific, 12:30pm US Eastern, 4:30pm GMT, 5:30pm in the UK, 6:30pm CEST, 7:30pm in Israel, 12:30am in China, 2:30am in Sydney, 4:30am in New Zealand)

Title: Enumeration with Moon Polyominoes and Beyond

Abstract: A polyomino is a shape made by connecting certain numbers of equal-sized squares, each jointed together with at least one other square along an edge. A combinatorial model, the model of fillings of polyominoes, is obtained by assigning a non-negative integer to each square of the polyomino.  This model emerged from the study of maximal monotone chains in various  combinatorial structures, including permutations, words, matchings, set partitions, integer sequences, graphs, and multi-graphs. It provides a unified frame in enumerative combinatorics and allows us to apply different algebraic tools and combinatorial transformations. In this talk I will  show how to use this model to analyze some  basic combinatorial statistics.

The pre-recorded version of this talk was made available to registered participants before the workshop.
The slides from this presentation are available here: Yan_keynote_slides

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